This section provides an overview of the leading biomass processes.

Ainsworth Energy is not a technology development company, but rather identifies and employs “best of breed” technologies that have been adequately demonstrated or are otherwise ready for commercialization. We have the experience to manage the technology risk a weigh the commercial advantages and uncertainties of being an early technology adopter. When assessing new technologies, we use a “gated” approach to new technology adaptation – a series of go/no-go decision points, while relying extensively on reputable third-party technology evaluations.


Ainsworth Energy is currently involved with several technologies, but we continue to look for fully-developed, proprietary technologies, including:

  • Small to medium-scale biomass gasification (both thermal and chemical)
  • Gas-to-liquids processes
  • Small-scale, distributed power generation processes
  • Waste sorting and processing equipment


We hold commercial development rights to emerging renewable energy technologies which:

  • Create new products and product applications
  • Utilize a range of low cost feedstocks
  • Generate significant product costing and other distinct market advantages