Business Services

At Ainsworth Energy, we are focused on projects that convert renewable waste materials into high-value products, such as chemicals, electrical and thermal energy, and transportation fuels. This requires a combination of unique inputs and skills: feedstock and site selection, environmental permitting, project finance, construction, technology scaling, and logistics and marketing. It is in each of these critical areas that Ainsworth Energy can deliver tremendous value.

We offer services that support everything from project siting and permitting to project completion and we are constantly evaluating partnerships.

Contact us and take advantage of the skill set that Ainsworth can offer to your project.


Feedstock Supply

Ainsworth Energy has a high level of feedstock knowledge and access to significant quantities of feedstock across North America through our relationships with landowners, license holders, forest products companies, biomass brokers, governments, and First Nations.   We can help you: […]

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Construction Management

Our construction management team provides all of the skills required to plan, coordinate, and control plant construction.  This minimizes your project execution risk and ensures that your projects are functionally and financially viable. Our relationships with engineering firms also enable […]

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Plant Operations

Ainsworth Energy will put qualified people and management processes in place to deliver a high level of plant reliability and efficiency. Our operations management skills have been proven over the six decades of management experience in large industrial facilities. We establish […]

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Off-take Management

Ainsworth Energy helps maximize the value of your renewable products through strategic off-take arrangements. This can be an important aspect of your project financing plan, or to help maximize the profitability of your operation. The Ainsworths have had experience arranging large […]

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Regulatory Compliance

We will lead you strategically through the complex world of industrial permitting and regulatory compliance. The laws, regulations, policies and standards that apply to renewable fuels and their operations can differ from region to region. They require thoughtfully planned and executed […]

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