Grande Prairie, AB

Upon its completion in late 1995, Grande Prairie was the largest oriented strand board (OSB) mill in the world. Evidence of their operational competence, the mill was designed to produce 540 million square feet of OSB per year and today it produces 700 million square feet. The same press and in-feed used in this mill were sold to a competitor shortly after, and 20 years later, that competitor is only producing 80% of the Grande Prairie mill volume.


One and a half years from concept to construction:

  • Construction Start – August, 1994
  • Commissioning – December, 1995
  • Site – 200 acres
  • Building – pre-engineered steel (375,000 square feet)
  • Project Budget – CDN$135 million dollars
  • Construction Man-hours – 700,000
  • Lost-time Accidents – 0
  • Employees – 185


OSB Plant Aerial View

On the left, the log yard, and the new plant on the right. The plant, roughly nine acres under one roof, was constructed in under 13 months.

A lot of co-ordination and planning

A break-through in innovation

The Ainsworths were the first to operate a 12-foot press in an OSB mill. This press was manufactured in Germany.

Seamless process