100 Mile House, BC

The first of a series of oriented strand board (OSB) construction projects, this mill was built to support the production of engineered wood panels for the North American and the Japanese markets. The 100 Mile House mill was built with the world’s first adjustable width in-feed and first 9-foot wide press. The planning and execution required a unique and innovative focus on the broader OSB market opportunities.  This project was completed on time and on budget with a total capital investment of $105 million dollars and a 16 month construction schedule.

Project Highlights:

  • Construction Start – May, 1993
  • Commissioning – August, 1994
  • Site – 80 acres, including log yard preparation
  • Building – pre-engineered (225,000 square feet)
  • Project Budget – CDN$105 million dollars
  • Construction Man-hours – 550,000
  • Lost-time Accidents – 2
  • Facility Employees – 175


Renovations begin....

Building the structure with 3-feet thick walls, over 1,150 cubic yards of concrete and over 100,000 pounds of rebar.

The new plant under construction

The plant's grand opening drew hundreds of guests