Drop-in Fuels

Ainsworth Energy expects its drop-in fuel products to have complete compatibility with traditional petroleum-based fuels, unlike biodiesels, which are suitable only as blend stocks. On a commercial scale, our facilities will represent a leap forward in the transportation fuel industry: a renewable biofuel, which requires no additional refinement before being used directly as a transportation fuel.

A drop-in fuel is a synthetic and completely interchangeable substitute for conventional petroleum-derived hydrocarbons (gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel), meaning it does not require adaptation of the engine, fuel system or the fuel distribution network. It can be used “as is” in currently available engines either in pure form and/or blended in any amount with other drop-in neat, drop-in blend, or conventional fuels.


 The principle advantages of Ainsworth Energy’s drop-in fuel are:


  • Ultra low sulphur
  • High cetane value
  • Low aromatic content
  • Low olefin content
  • High saturates
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Low particulate emissions
  • No oxygenates therefore high stability


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