• Ainsworth Energy focuses on the conversion of biomass and inorganic waste materials into higher value products.

  • Drop-in fuels are one of our core products.

  • Whether you have biomass or are looking for a supply, Ainsworth Energy can help.

  • Biomass technologies can generate electricity and thermal energy.  Generate revenue by selling onto the electrical grid, or cut energy costs by powering your operation.

  • We have all the necessary areas of expertise required to launch and operate a successful project.

  • Ainsworth Energy has over 60 years of experience in the operation of large industrial facilities.

We're creating higher value products through biomass and carbon-based waste.

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Feedstock Owners

Learn how to turn your waste into an additional revenue stream for your business.


Learn more about the biomass technologies that Ainsworth Energy is evaluating.

Project Developers

Learn about how we can bring together the right components needed to execute your biomass project.

Renewable Fuels

In contrast to crude oil, which is reliant on the supply of fossil fuels, renewable fuels (or biofuels) are produced
from a wide variety of renewable sources:

• Wood waste/sawdust
• Sugar cane and other agricultural wastes
• Livestock manure
• Municipal waste
• Biosolids

Learn about renewable fuels